Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Shopping Annecy

Heading out to the other bike hire shop (theirs was closed on account of it being Tuesday), it started to rain. Not heavily, but a few large drops. Graeme glanced skywards and then across at Jude. No good beating about the bush here, it was time for some decisive action.

"Looks like rain," observed Graeme, pulling out his green rain jacket.

"It sure does," replied Jude, wondering why such a gob-smackingly obvious statement needed to be made at all.

"Let's call a lay-day on the cycling and take a day orf," offered Graeme. "You could go shopping."

Jude's reaction could only be detected by the keenest observer of Shopper Begaviour. Her eyelids gave the merest flutter. Her nose shifted slightly in an upwards direction (as a fawn snuffing the changing wind direction in the first days of spring). Her eyes took on a glow that revealed her innermost delight. She feigned nonchalance, "I suppose the weather does appear a little on the inclement side," she offered, continuing the pattern of stating the bleeding obvious begun by Graeme. "It COULD be a good day for a little shop." [You will note here the clever use of the word 'shop' in the form of a verb].

On their return to the apartment to change into shopping clothes, the threat of rain had completely disappeared and the sun was out. Nearly. Doesn't matter. After a little nap/read of her book, Jude left Graeme to blogging and preparation of his dish of 'lapin moutarde' with Zara Annecy and Galleries La Fayette firmly in her sights.

The seasoned observer of shopper behaviour (viz. Graeme) stood aside and LET THE SHOPPING BEGIN!

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