Tuesday, June 08, 2010

An Email! II

The email I received from Ford was titled "Les Froggies". Now I have never heard of Les Froggies. Maybe he played on the half-back flank for Williamstown back in the sixties. [That's how far Fordy's memory goes!]. Maybe Les is a distant relation to the former Australian fast bowler Froggy Thompson!

Anyhow, it got me thinking again as to why we have seen not one reference to frogs' legs as a 'delicacy' here in French-people's land (ie France). Not in a resaurant. Not in a charcuerie. Don't they eat them any more? I ate some when I was in Nanjing a couple of years back, but not a whiff of their presence here.

OK, another Cherry Ripe for the person who can provide more information about either frogs' legs as a delicacy OR about Les Froggies himself. [Did he win any best and fairest awards, for example].

I'll leave it with you!



  1. George is in Bali, Graeme, how do I get the reward?
    Aren't computers amazing? The time of posting this is in French time. Down here it is 7.45am on Wed 9th.

  2. Good point, Fran! Can't expect George to help out here. Leave it with me ... Do not despair!


  3. Recipe for Cuisses de grenouille (frog's legs)
    Dip in flour, fry in non stick pan with olive oil and crushed garlic. Cook 5-10 min.
    The French eat 3000 -4000 tons per year. That is 60 to 80 million frogs. These are now protected in France so they are imported from Indonesia. They have 70 calories per 100gr.
    It is also thought that the French eat frogs legs because the frogs eat snails!!!Saves eating escargots.
    Tennis has just been cancelled due to rain -hence my research!. It would have been a cold night to play. Snowed on mountains today. Off to Malua on Saturday.
    Love your blogs.
    Cheers, Fran