Thursday, June 10, 2010

Annecy III

What a day this has bin. What a RARE MOOD I'm in!

This was the Big Ride day we just had to have. Back along the bike path, past where we first tentatively rode out on our second day. Past where we joined it at the top of the lake after our Round The Lake in a Day jaunt, where that path joined the Rail Trail.

Yep! This is a rail trail similar to the one that eminates from the fabulous Regional City of Wangaratta. The Annecy equivalent has a tunnel, however, and a couple of cute pedestrian overpasses. Apart from this, the idea and the cycling experiences are very similar. It could Very Well Be that a sister city relationship could be formed between Annecy and Wangaratta that created a fusion of cycling affectionados and share a system of intercity tours/races/campings and other similar 'sorts of shit'. Of course this will require lots of between-city communication and cross-city travelling, but I know a couple who would be great ambassadors for Wang! Yes - the Minns! Prue and Ian Minns should be the ones who come over here and haggle a place in Annecy folklore! [Of course Les Ramblers would step in if Les Minns were unavailable].

One of the necessary preconditions fo a successful Annecy cyclist is for a person to sport a magnificent moustache. Those who flick past on our left (remember left/right-hand driving - it's the same for cycling), can be seen with curly-twirly moustaches of some disinction. They are most impressive - on some of the blokes, as well! [Gavin Frawley sports a moustache from time to time, but he would have to get serious if he wants to mix it with some of the Annecy boys!].

Anyhoo, back to our trip today. Our destination was a little puddle, the size of a titchy lake at a town called Marlens ("Marlonn"). This 'lake' measured only about 200X50 metres, but looked to be very deep. The water was very clear, with a deep blue hue to it. Jude was the first to spot it at our picnic spot - a whopping great big fishy something that slowly glided by. It would have weighed in at about 3 or 4 lbs! Later, a school of about 8 fishies of about a "pound, maybe pound-and-a-half" drifted nonchalantly past. Fisher Heaven! There were a couple of Simple Fisher Folk trying their luck in the pond, but didn't seem to be doing much good. Not to worry - there's always tomorrow!

Having finished their lunches, The Rambers hopped back on their bikes and began the return journey. They were tired. They were happy, when they arrived home to their appartement-by-the-river. They had had a swim in the lake to freshen up and they had downed a couple of scotch-and-cokes. Doesn't matter. They were ready for a scrummy meal bought from the amazing charcutier downstairs.

It is nearly 7:00 pm, but the sun is still blazing outside. Jude is looking forward to catching up with Andy Stewart ("Sing us a song, Andy") and I am looking forward to a Huge Hug from Grazyna Kulig. On Saturday. Doesn't matter.

Take care, youse!


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  1. Not as much as we're looking forward to seeing you both...but what will we talk about?? We already know everything you've done over the last few months !!