Sunday, June 06, 2010


I know that barrackers of teams other than Collingwood are great in number (probably almost as many as there are Collingwood supporters), and it is youse to whom I address my comments.

How many of youse (other than Footscray followers) wanted the Doggies to catch up to the Mags in the last quarter and then kick a slightly higher score prior to the sounding of the siren? ALL of youse, I bet! Well it just DID NOT HAPPEN, did it? Suffer in your jocks! Th Mighties hung on for all they were worth and hung on to their well-deserved place high on the ladder. What a team of awe-inspiring CHAMPIONS!

Go the Mighty Magpies!

Your Best Pal,


1 comment:

  1. carn the pies!
    I was ever so delighted to put nans ol' magpie but to the upright standing position as it deserves! x