Saturday, April 10, 2010

Transit in Singapore

Qantas Club Singapore looks just like Qantas Club Melbourne, Sydney, London - still - nice bathroom and cool water.  An uneventful flight so far, after a rushed departure from Melbourne, trying to coordinate with Stephanie who is flying Malaysian Airlines and in theory arrives at Heathrow 25 minutes after us.  Unfortunatley a different terminal will create somewhat of a challenge, but we will give it a shot, and if worst comes to worse we have a backup plan to meet at the Goodenough Club in London.  Good enough for us, good enough for Stephanie.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

3 More Sleeps

Yes, folks, three more sleeps and we are off and awaaaaayyyyy ...  Still too much to do before we can make the break a clean one, but there IS light at the end of the tunnel.  

I have been nervously looking at the weather in Ilkley (our starting-off point for the Dales Way Walk).  It has been VERY GLOOMY TO DATE, but it seems as though there is a strong possibility of some sunny days from Sunday (our first day) 4-12 Celsius to Monday 4-11 C.  That's as far ahead as my phone tells me.  It may just be that we can dodge some of the pretty 'uge raindrops that have been hovering about the dales for the past few months (years?).

Please post suggestions of what I have NOT thought to do before leaving for such a long time.  I can tell you what I HAVE don.  All bills have been scheduled for payment (including the rates).  Maggie has been shipped off to Grandma's (spent the day being spoiled quite rotten at Marinoa - a dementia hostel - today).  Tommy Frawley is going to do some mowing.  Jack Marshall (next door) is going to put out our bins on Monday and the house is going to be SECURELY LOCKED.


[PS Please note that various ads appear on our blog.  Ignore them.  If these get SO ANNOYING that you can't bear to log on to our blog, let me know so that we can pursue some inquiries about getting them off.]

Sunday, April 04, 2010

One week to go!

Easter Sunday now.  This time next week - We're in the Dales and setting off on our walk.  The weather this coming week looks bleak in Leeds (closest city to our departure spot in Ilkley, bound for Windermere).  NOT TO BE DAUNTED, we are proceeding with a great deal of optimism, courage and a determination to buy some good, dependable umbrellas prior to our first trek-like steps.  Heaps to be done before we leave, so there is no time to be mucking about with blogs at this stage.  Stay tuned, however.

YBPs Graeme and Jude [From now on, the writer will state his/her (or her/his) name first in the closing signature.]