Monday, June 07, 2010

Lapin a la Moutade II

One of the amazing things about the French is their tendency to offer edible creatures with their heads attached. In fact, the recipe on which I am currently working list (as per previous blog) as: "one ... rabbit, with head on, if possible".

Now take yourself down to any butcher, charcuterie or supermarket and you will see the little dudes all tied up, skinned, with their heads still quite firmly attached: chooks, ducks, pigeons (these may well have been quail) and rabbits.

Now this observation may well be more revealing of us as descendants of the Anglo cultures. Perhaps we are way too sensitive to the death that is attendant upon the consumption of our daily repast. Even so, no permission to cook 'lapin' was forthcoming till I had found two hind quarters of rabbit nicely presented in plastic wrapping.

'Moutade' is mustard, and the two styles of it prescribed in the slow-cook recipe should make for a delicious meal tonight. I'll let you know ...



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