Friday, April 16, 2010

Dales Way - Day 4

Richard and Paul had left by the time we got going this morning. They had carriers to take their gear on to Sedburgh (our destination as well). I felt sorry for them really as they couldn't possibly feel the same level of either pain or satisfaction that we experience.

Strolling down a gentle slope, we wandered through fields, along the True Right bank of the Dent River on our way to Dent Town. Scattering sheep, most of which were proud mothers of the cutest little lamb twins that you could imagine. Seems to me that the ewes that produced only one lamb had been poggled off for someone's dinner. No room for slackers on the farm!

We were dismayed to see two lots of four moles (dead), strung up on gates at a farm gate. It is difficult to understand the reasoning for doing this, given the difficulty for your mole to read this message of danger and unwantedness from deep underground, where they doubtless 'hang out' for most of their lives. Richard explained that mole catchers used to be paid one shilling per dead mole. They strung up moles to show that they had done their job. In today's money that is not much per cute little mole. I, myself, am very fond of moles and this collection of dead ones made me feel quite sad. But I am now over it.

We sped (ran) into our destination of Sedburgh to catch the bank before it closed, only to find that we only needed the ATM, which is accessible 24 hours! Nevertheless, we are iw cashed-up and ready for more adventures on the morrow.


  1. oh poor poor moles!!
    can't wait to hear of more adventures along the dales way trail!

  2. you now have 5 whole followers. doing well!
    didn't realise you guys were actually HIKING from place to place. thought it would have been more of a leisurely stroll through each town to the bus/train station. i stand corrected.
    PS news on the blanch front as I cannot see either graeme, gigi, sam, gen, charlie OR immy as followers of this: sam is engaged!