Monday, April 19, 2010

The Dales Way - Day 5

Daybroke fine and dandy - AGAIN! So much good weather and so little appreciation from us, really, as we will never undersand how rough it can be up here in the Dales. It turns out that the name of our new friend is Robert, and not Richard. Apparently I heard incorrectly on the day we met. He heard me eferring to him as Richard today and gently corrected me. Apparently Robert is a legal eagle whoepresents folk in the entertainment industry on matters of copyright and similar matters. I daren't ask him the names of clients, as this would be far too offensive for someone of the legal fraternity! So 'Robert' it is.

At the bar in the hotel we stayed, the publican lady (whom we named 'Assumpta') introduced us to Harry, who was a mole catcher and one who found, killed and strung up moles, in order to earn a quid or two on top of his well-earned pension from years making coloured paper. He loved the critters themselves, but explained that this work topped up his income to bearable levels. Robert and Paul again provided great company and we were sad to say goodbye the next day. No promises of future contact - best left to savour the good, but brief times spent together ...

But I get ahead of myself. Day 5 comprised walking along a great variety of rivers, both up and down-stream. They included the Dee River, the Dent, the Kent (I think) and another river. There was a good deal of up and down today, but it was through country quite different to that the other side of the watershed. Less of the cute little cottages, and more of the manor-type construction. I am not at all sure that the walk would be better started at Windemere, given the contact with modern transport (car and train) as well as the less dense countryside (it is much more open on this side). This suggestion of mine was howled down by my travelling companions Jude, Paul and Robert (not 'Richard'). Jude and I even saw a doe ("a deer, a female deer") on the way to our final resting place at Bernside. It was sooooo cute and not spotted by any of our walking companions ...

Walking the last couple of km into Bernside took a great deal of effort, as we were about at our beam's end by this time. A couple of hoons wound down their windows and shouted that we were a couple of "walking wankers", which only added to my conviction that the walk would be better begun fromn the more 'modern' and 'commercial' Windermere end. Again, no trouble getting to sleep as we were all very 'tired, but happy' after another 25-km walk day. Wowsers, only one half-day to go ... It's all but over.

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