Friday, April 16, 2010

Dales Way - Day 3

Longest day ahead of us (the length of which many laughed us to scorn of our chances of finishing) began gently enough with a stroll along our much-love Wharfe river. Gently moving upstream, we soon came to the head of this beautiful river, which was distinguished clearly (the head, that is) by the convergence of two 'becks'. I called them Beck Dickinson and Beck West (names of two Wangaratta identities), the latter of which we followed in, yes, a westerly direction. I know many of you have grown as fond of the old Wharfe River and Wharfedale as we are, but youse are going to have Suck It Up and Get On With Life. You are going to hear no more of the Wharfe in this blog. EXCEPT for the fact that it is beautiful and has many daffodils and jonquils growing alongside it. Pete Frawley's duck Vic (bought at the Victoria Market) would love to know that there are many ducks to be seen as well. I sure that Vic would feel VERY MUCH AT HOME anywhere on the Wharfe

... But also on the Dent! Yes, there are ducks there as well, Vic. And more daffodils and jonnies! The Dent is our new river. It runs in completely opposite direction to the Wharfe because it is on the other side of the Pennines. Crossing the second lot of moors on our trip took us past the highest spot on our walk, and some incredibly isolated farm houses. It is all downhill from there...

Overnight was spent in Cowgill, where the publican was much more interested in his shiny motorbike than attending to our every wish. He nonetheless went through the motions of serving beer and meals, eventually to scurry at last to his laptop to gaze adoringly at the screen. One can only imagine that he was looking at something to do with motor bikes as, from our view, his face (and that of his young son) was shining in a way quite different to when he was attending to us.

We had dinner with our new friends Paul and Richard and went to bed very tired, but also very happy! Our biggest day was behind us. This was also to be the worst weather for our week, but it turned out to be another 'pearler'.

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  1. Graeme,
    Would love to know the distances travelled each day. Fran