Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dales Way - Day 2 (continued)

From Kettlewell, another gentle stroll along the Wharfe via Starbotton (no 'm' here) for lunch and then only a couple of kms to our B&B at Hartrigg House in Buckden.  Jim has given up his laptop for me to enter this really interesting blog, and for that I am most grateful.

We are counting and re-counting our cash at the moment, because there are no credit/debit card facilities along the way.  A quick perusal of our guide book would have alerted this to our attention, but sadly this has simply not happened.  Just as well we cashed our travellers cheques this morning.  Still, it might be a little tight for the next couple of days ...

Toodles for now. I had better get this laptop back to Jim who, by the way, hopes to play football for England some day.  We can only hope (for Jim's sake) that he achieves this noble goal.

Toodles for now,




  1. Great to read your blogs. I look forward to reading it each morning so hope there will be lots of 'Jims' along the way. I have the family here at Malua. The weather has been lovely.
    Hope the cash holds out,
    Cheers, Fran

  2. Hi Jude and Graeme, Our internet filter is blocking your rooly excellent blog because of all the rude place-names. Please avoid all Bottomly-type places in future. And no cash machines eh? Takes me back to travelling in the 70's: if you missed the bank on Friday,no nourishment until Monday. Have you tried foraging? What about posting some photos..? I know you can do it. Also Graeme, please only peruse slowly. Andy

  3. OMG, I sooo TOTALLY cannot BELIEVE you can't read our blog because of the UNROOL true names of the places we have visited on our journeys! These are true names, and I have not made up ANY of them. YBP, Groombles

  4. Missing the daily bulletin but I wouldn't be on the internet either if I was in Paris. I'm back in Albury. Local news, Norm has his unit for sale in Pemberton St.$310grand. Should go fast I would say.
    Had 20ml rain today. It's all happening here!
    Cheers, Fran