Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dales Way - Day One

End of day one finds us at Grassington. The walk started full of anticipation as to whether we had bitten off way too much in terms of walking distance, but nonetheless striding off at 8:30, only 30 minutes later than planned. From the first step we were in heaven. Striding out, we passed through (variously) clumps of tiny stone cottages, lush meadows, a magnificent ruined Abbey (Boulton), beautiful copses and over babbling rills. I had never crossed rills babbling quite as babbling as these rills babbled. My favourite village was Fold Bottom, through which we didn't walk, but which did bring to mind quite disturbing images. Throughout this first day we were both given to loud garpses of excitement and Ju ilation as wecame across each new (old really) and wondrous spectacle. As my friend Graeme Blanch would say: 'What a hoot'.

Weather was exceptional. Cool breeze, occasional sun and warm hearts, we tramped along arriving to a warm welcome from Andrew at our B&B here at Grasington. Off to the Local for dins and then sleep only nanoseconds after head-pillow-hit.

It is morning of Day Two now with blue sky and rolling Dales out of the window in the direction of Buckdon via Kettlewell and Starbotton. Even more hoots in store for us today, no doubt!

Stay tuned!

Love, RRs

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