Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ville de Malaucene Rambling

We have stopped off at a town near our destination for some provisioning. The girls are in the Carofours because I drive. It is a lovely sunny day and there is a 'fete' on in the carpark for the town's kids. There are plenty of inflatable devices like jumping castles. There is a climbing do-dad with inflatable hand/foot-holds where kids with harnesses attached climb some 20 metres or so. Another inflatable is a horizontal slippery dip about30 metres long. A chap at one end has a hose he is using to keep the device wet, while a pile of screeching younger chaps (viz kids) run along a runway and hurl themselves onto their bottoms, sliding, crashing and slipping into, over and under each other. I would join them, but I have to write this blog. There are buckets of other such inflatable devices (eg jumping castles and slippery dips).

There is no evidence of the kids or their parents paying for any of this. It appears to be a treat offered to the offspring for no particular reason. Maybe the end of winter, moving into the next phase of the year.

Oopsies, I just got squirted.

The laden Jude and Sooz are just back. Gotta get Ramblin' ...!

See yas!


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