Saturday, May 29, 2010

Getting Connected

It has been most revealing of human nature, this struggle for a connection to the outside world through the ether. It appears that personnel in Orange shops really only make their buffet if they flog enough high-margin phonne products. You can't blame them for this. Jude has observed middle-aged supervisors in Orange T-shirst hovering, watching the Bright Young Things as they deal with customers. It is all very slick, and not much time is available for gents in their latter middle age (eg me) whow is struggling with the language, the Orange system in general, and paying for internet credit in particular.

Stephan helped me last evening. He is the proprietor/owner of our Juan Les Pin hotel. He explained his lack of competence with things electronic, but gave my problem a Red Hot Go. Last evening and early this morning, there was Stephan - struggling away with his landline, my iPhone, his excellent French and my excellent, but virtually useless, English. What a hero he turned out to be! But a failed one, nonetheless. We gave up. Stephan had an hotel to run and I had to run off with two gorgeous sheilas!

Aix-en-Provence was our destination for lunch and a market. I popped into an Orange shop for on the off chance of a Helpful Harry. AND I FOUND ONE! Young bloke, and as helpful AS! He phoned, tapped, connected, took cash, sorted out and completed. What a guy! All that was required was the correct 3-digit dialling number in the finish. Simple!

The girls have popped off to Zara Aix-en-Provence (yes, they have one right here in Aix). I am blogging (as you can see) and following Collingwood's progress against the Lions - a tight match. Half way through the last quarter and, oopsies, Pies down by eight points! However, I am not sad. I have Internet connection and can get our story out to the gang.

Gotta get Rambling!

More later,



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