Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bather Rambling

Today The Ramblers hopped up a bit later in the morning and popped our bathers on. [For those of youse reading this blog in New South Wales, I refer our bathing costumes - cozzies.]

We are at at Juan Les Pins, which is pronounced at break-neck speed by the locals. The day is bright and shiny and many are taking advantage of the sun, the water and the slight warm breeze (but no waves) in various stages of (un)dress. Me, I'm keeping my cozzie on.

Jude and I both had lovely long swims, in turn, each guarding the wallets and passports in the back - first one , then the other. Lots of lolling and sun-screen splashing by the rest of the populace, but not much more in the way of activity.

By golly it would be great to have the whole Tathra Gang here with us. I can almost see Gav and Bloggs an Jude. Belting out to sea, heads bobbing and arms flinging. I had to content myself with just a perve on Dear Jude.

We are off to Antibes by foot this afternoon to suss out a restaurant for dinner.

Stay tuned!


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