Saturday, May 29, 2010


It's OK. We arrived in good time to set up and settle in. Car is parked on safety on the outer ring road, located 50 metres (at the most) from our joint, which is located inside the village up a narrow, winding street that no vehicles other than one scooter that buzzed past the front door, headed up the lane. Again, everything is little, little, little. It's also very small. Find it on Google Earth. It's just over the bridge on the road coming in from the south, and is up the second street on the left. At the end of the curve to the right, we are on the outside of the curve. It is better than grouse. There is provision for al fresco dining out in the laneway and I plan to serve 'Omlette a la Groombles' to the girls on the evening of the morrow (ie tomorrow night). Anyone wish to join us? It will be Sunday night - omlette night!

An evening stroll (read 'ramble') was effected after a sumptuous dish of penne, prepared by two doyennes of the art of culinary, viz Sooz and Jude. Scrummo! Another 'pearler' of a village, I can assure you. Nooks and crannies, 'arcades' to die for. At first glance the town looks small, but a quick reconnoiter reveals quite a sizeable settlement. It seems that all the townspeople were wiped out in the plague of 1359 (or thereabouts - you'll find that I often make dates up, it adds to the authenticity without the need on my behalf to carry out proper research). It seems that these townsfolk have been replaced many times over, because there are heaps running about that I could see.

Who knows what the ensuing week will bring by way of adventures? Stephanie and Jenna Holwell arrive for a few days on Monday. That will be great! More people for me to torment with sick jokes and boring stories. Viva la audience!

Looking forward to our first quiet night after the roaring traffic of Juan-Les-Pins!

Bon Soiree!

Your Tired Rambler


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