Tuesday, June 01, 2010

More Cathar Stuff

... And the winner is ... Fran Vaughan for her massive contribution of information about the Cathars. Congratulations, Fran, a Cherry Rip ei on its way to your door! [George, could you please get a Cherry Ripe to Fran?].

Anyhow, here's some more syuff about them.

Now no one is to sheet any blame home to Georgia's friend Al Montfort. [I actually went to school with Al's uncle Neil, who was in my form, and his father, who was in the form below. How about THAT? Al plays guitar in Georgia's band, the UV Race. Just thought I'd tell you.]

It seems that in the early 13th Century, Simon de Montfort rampaged south into Cathar territory, where the Cs were minding their own business and living a good, clean life. [This was agreed even by the Catholics who wished to exterminate them.]. Simon conquored city after city and eventually controlled more land than the King of France. [Remember that the south was not part of any country at this stage.]

In April 1210, Simon laid seige to the town of Bram and winkled them out over a period of three months. And this is what he did: He took 100 of the defenders, cut off their upper lips abs noses. He put out the eyes of all but one chap whom he blinded in only one eye and set them off in a line led by that chap to another town as a warning to the inhabitants! Now don't go taking it out on Al. Or anyone in the UV Race, but wasn't that a darstardly thin to do? It seems that old Simon killed as many Catholics as he did Cathars in his time as a marauderer, so I suspect that there were motives beyond religious righteousness, don't you?

Simon eventually fell to a connonball to the head and smashed it to bits! I make no comment about the justice in that, but would kill to hear your thoughts on the matter.

Gotta go now - in it Marseille to pick up Steph and Jen from the airport.

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