Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Buis-Le- Barronies II

The girls have arrived and have made it back to the village with us. Boeuff bourgignon was planned, but way too short a time in the cook-pot meant that the meat was a little on the tough side. The title 'signature dish' is a way off just yet, I'm afraid! It was very tasty, though, and seemed to satisfy the roaring hunger the gang had worked up during ghe day.

Lots of garpsing from the back seat of the Megane Coupe as we entered the mountains from Marseilles, where we had collected Steph and Jen. These perched villages really take your breath away and it is great to visit that first-time experience through the eyes of others. These settlements were built over vast expanses of time, centuries ago. Coming across them 'by chance' as you hurtle around a corner in a 21st century coupe gives you the sense of 'appearing' in the moment.

... And always the poppies ('les coquelicot')! These are my fave flowers and never fail to impress. Not so the lavender, however, as it is too early for it to produce its purple blazes, for which this part of the planet is famous. Mind you, The Ramblers, avec Susan, went in search of these mauve spectacles a few days ago, on May 31st. That was still officially autumn. Too early. Now that it is summer we shall go in search of them again! It would be a tinch disappointing if we can't see the lavender, but I wouldn't swap the chance to see it with what flowers we have seen in full bloom: roses, poppies, irises and all the little wildflowers that spring out of fields, roadside verges, castle walls and window boxes. It's all very splendid, I can assure youse!

Still more bicyclists out on the roads today. I feel quite jealous that I have neither my bike, nor my cycling mates to huff up a col or two. Buis Les Baronnies is, appazzas, quite the cycling Mecca for those of a spinning inclination and Le Tour de France always passes somewhere close by. Last year the course ran right through the guts! There are two bikes in the cellar (Fr 'cave') of our house and Dear Jude has already cycled part of the route with Jenna to check out a lunch spot (restaurant) for today's treat. I shall crank a bike out later today and have a go on the 'route de la Tour'.

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