Monday, May 31, 2010

An Adventure

One morning, Jude, Susan and Graeme woke early and looked out of their windows. Outside it was windy, but sunny. Graeme went down to breakfast after his shower to find Jude and Susan, who greeted him with news of the day's plans. Hearing that some driving to some places close by was in store, Graeme was overjoyed. A day of interesting castles and not much driving. He hugged himself with glee and anticipation at the thought.

"Let's make a roll for our lunch", suggested Jude. "Oh yes, let's", responded Susan, her eyes shining with eager anticipation , "We could find a lovely spot beside a stream or on top of a mountain and have a picnic."

So, with picnic rolls and water bottles packed into their basket, the three friends set off in their black car. As planned, Jude, Susan and Graeme visited only one castle (at Grignan), but also an olive oil museum (at Nyons), both of which turned out to be of quite some interest to our three adventurers. "Weren't those two places we visited today just too interesting for WORDS?", offered Graeme. "Yes", chorused Jude and Susan clapping their hands in delight at the memory, "They WERE rather jolly, weren't they? And wasn't our lunch on the square in Nyons scrummy and SUPER?".

It hadn't been a 30-minute drive that day. The Three Chums drove for a total of five and one-half hours. They arrived home well after 5:00 pm. They had had many adventures and had done WAY too much driving. But it didn't matter. The day had been perfect and all three had accumulated memories that they would treasuure all their days.

Graeme smiled quietly to himself that evening. He sat with his two companions, blogging to other pals overseas, while Susan and Jude watched Mary and Max on the DVD player. He was tired, but happy. He looked forward to a good night's sleep [this would be quite a contrast to the previous night when he had consumed WAY too much red wine and had not slept well at ALL].

Graeme hoped that all his chums were well and enjoying their time on the planet. He wished them good night, even though he knew that really it was morning where they were; that is, Australia. [The exception, of course, is his daughter Stephanie, who is arriving tomorrow from London with her friend Jenna Holwell.]

"Good night!"

PS. Anyone who hasn't watched Mary an Max is a loser and should be put to death.

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