Friday, May 14, 2010

"We were wrong"

There are two changes necessary for earlier posts that cannot go uncorrected:

1. The fields outside our windows here at Beynac (the other side of the Dordogne) are bigger than the MCG. At least one Manuka and half an SCG bigger, in fact.

2. The aperativ purchased on our Strawberry Festival Ramble contained no oxalis whatsoever (as earlier reported). In fact, it was brewed only out of dandelion. The error came about because GCR was GCRed by Ken Cunningham.

Whilst writing my blog that day, I asked KC what else the aperativ was made from other than dandelion. He said, "oxalis". This was a deliberate lie and he has since confessed as much. He says that he did not expect that I would have written this in a blog. But I didb(because I believed him)!

... Call that friendship?

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