Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fiasco at Lascaux

One of our jaunts, to which I have already referred, was dubbed 'Fiasco at Lasceaux' because of a number if incidents that I now convey to you by means of this blog. The trip was to the caves of Lascaux, where (as I have ready outlined) there are re-constructed caves containing re-constructed paintings that have been painstakingly copied from the originals. The purpose here is to allow visitors to view these many-centuries-old cave paintings made by cromagnon man lots and lots of years back.

The day of the fiasco began with us running late, dashing away from the strawberry festival (at Beaulieu) a little later (and earlier) than we really should have. Ken hurtled us along the D-rated roads to get to Lasceaux at the time designated on the ticket, arriving moments before the allotted time. No need to rush, really, as the show did not get under way till some time later. Half an hour ...

The next problem was that the ticket office had overbooked the session. By 100%! Twice as many bodies crammed into the tiny cave (sadly, the most realistic aspect of the cave reproduction). Shoved up against fellow tourists (no good-looking ones in this group) we shuffled through, trying to listen to the guide vainly insisting on silence for his little speech. He did well.

Interesting in its own way, the experience could only be described as a fiasco. NadA managed to elicit a grudging apology from the chap in the ticket box, her French more than adequate to convey our collective dissatisfaction with the session.

This blog has been a bit laboured, I know. The reason for this has been to contrast today's visit, which I shall relate in my next blog. But only if you are good!

See ya!

Ramblin' Rosey

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