Friday, May 14, 2010

Beynac Mark Last

This is our last night in Beynac. We head south to Mirepoix tomorrow, with the Cunninghams.

We have done a lot of motoring these past weeks, but a real highlight was a morning walk we did yesterday through the Beynac hinterland. Leaving the Cs to their own adventures we cranked out one of the five walking tour maps we had bought from the tourist info joints for 1 euro a pop. A similar map to the one we used on the Tremolat walk (where we got lost - you remember).

I have used up all the superlatives, but you could not find a nicer stroll than this one. It took us (again) through tiny hamlets, up muleteer paths, plunging into deep, dark forests, and past yapping (almost biting) dogs. Cuckoos were cuckoing off to the left of us. Magnificent views of Beynac and Catlenaud chateaux appeared, then disappeared on our right. All this within 6 km of our house! Farms, horses, geese and ducks. Magnificent!

Of course we got ourselves lost. Happily not as bad as last time, but enough go
miss the lovely church at Cazenac (we drove there today, so don't worry). The length of the walk was 11 km. The joy in our hearts was 123%! It was great to stretch the legs after so much motoring over the last few days. The Cunninghams had been to a 3km-garden attached to the third chateau we can see out of our window at 'home', so we had buckets of adventures to share over dinner.

The plan is to pack and clean tomorrow (Saturday) morning, have lunch at the appealing (and cheap) restaurant attached to the caravan park and then hoot off to Mirepoix early afternoon. Should take about 3 hours.

Go Maggies!


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