Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Motor Rambling

Here are some observations about driving in mirror land:

1. It's scary. You need hold your nerve AT

2. Despite 1. (above) You Can Do It!

3. You make mistakes but, hey, how else can you (one) learn? Just make sure that all your mistakes are little ones.

4. Remember that RIGHT equals safety (NOT left).

5. Difficult turns are the LEFT (not right) turns.

6. Give way at all times, but don't go cowering off to the right all the time. Remember that you have just as much 'right' as the next French person (almost).

Inside the vehicle things do not always go as planned. For example, windscreen wipers are often activated at turning points, even though there is absolutely no prospect of rain. The other thing is that the next proud owner of Morgana (our car) will not detect the totally imperceptible scratch marks on the (left-hand) driver's door made by the current driver on a vain attempt to find the gear stick. We had ordered a manual car at a time when it felt like a cool thing to do.

The final comment about driving is that GPS systems, of available and operational save marriages! Yes, folks, our Tom-Tom has delivered us to our keyed-in destination for innumerable trips. Note that I do not write 'chosen' destination, as an earlier blog attests (ie the Beynac experience), but rather to the destination keyed in at the start of the trip. The computer-activated voice is all-forgiving when a navigation error occurs. No spousal interaction is necessary. The driver merely follows the directions that eminate from the device following a 'recalculation' by the machine. Hey presto, we are back on track and destination-bound. The only task is to decide what's for tea and whose turn it is to cook. Argghhhh, this is the life!

... and that's it. Simple. Practice makes perfect, and improvement builds on improvement. I fear that the real test will come when it is time to revert to right-hand drving on our return. We'll just have to wait and see ...

Gotta go. Jude has selected 'The Eiger Sanction' for ou last night alone before the Cunninghams arrive tomorrow night.

Off for some Video Rambling now.


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