Monday, May 03, 2010

Beynac II

Looking out of our window we can see a paddock. No, a field. It is across the way from the Dordogne River, a mighty flowing river that skitches along at quite a rapid rate, in a huge bend. We occupy the outside bottom of the bend's 'U'. The river flows from left to right. The field, about the size of the MCG on a good day, is flanked by trees coursing off at right angles to the river. There are similar-sizes fields on either side. Beyond the fields, the landscape gives way to hills that rise into craggy outcrops. Pretty routine, you might say to yourself.

But wait. Is that a huge CASTLE perched atop one of those crags? Yes , it is! And is that ANOTHER castle a bit fourther down the valley? And another? Yes, yes and yes! Wakko! And aren't we observing this astonishing landscape from a house perched teeteringly on a similar rocky crag-like castley arrangement ourselves? YES!!!!

The above are the only words I can dredge to describe where we have set up camp for the next two weeks. Ken and Nada Cunningham are in the air as I write, and shall soon be tooting their car horn in the very narrow lane that rises steeply to our front door. I am certain that there were only 3mm of space either side of our car as I parked to unload our cases on arrival. Parking is quite some 400 metres away. Thankfully it is not an auto-friendly village. This only goes to amplify its beauty. I am off now to buy a 13-euro a week parking ticket, so I had better get cracking.

So long for now - I have some parking ticket Rambling to do!


G & J

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  1. What memories you are evoking! Peter and I canoed down the rapids of the Dordogne and we visited Beynac. I have been ferreting through my old photos. Keep on keeping on,