Sunday, May 02, 2010

Lilly-of-the-valley on May Day

At many spots on our trip across France yesterday, people (mostly young kids) were selling lilly-of-the-valley bunches that they had collected from the woods and forests. Jude bought a bunch from a kid in a little town along the way where we stopped for our baguette. Two euros, which I thought was a bit pricey, but Jude assured me that it was the going rate. Gorgeous!

People seemed to be harvesting these flowers all along our road, with their cars pulled off the side of the road in little tracks. Either they were hunting for lilly-of-the-valley, or they had lost their contact lenses out there in the bush. They looked very intent!

(Hullo to Ken and Nada's granddaughter Lilly!)

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  1. You've been tres busy writing all these blogs Grrr...
    Lilly-of-the-Valley is one of my favourite flowers and i think Jude you got a bargain!!!!
    Keep up the good work.