Wednesday, April 21, 2010

London to Paris

So here we are in Paris for the next week. Our apartment is a very comfortable garret, right at the top of a building in Rue Mouffetard. This is a little street on the Left Bank that is full of restaurants and little food shops. Gorgeous.

First day was spent walking idly around the area around R. Moffetard, but ending up at the Jardin des Plants, the botanical garden that is more like an education facility than just a park. Tulips in full bloom here, with the daffodils and jonnies just slightly on the wane. A 'uge spreading pink-flower-laden apple tree. You should see the photo I took of Gorgeous Jude standing casually below, with blossoms almost climbing into her nostrils! [I really must learn how to upload photos onto this blog. Greg Bourke, George Swinson, where are you?].

Yesterday spent on bicycles. You know the famous Parisian ones? Well, there were the Ramblers scorching around Paris likle there was no tomorrow. Hurtling in and out of traffic in half-hour lots to avoid the toll (more than 30 minutes costs 5 euros, while any less costs zilch). We went to a bike shop up the Arc de Wassername and drooled at some bikes there. Still undecided as to whether to buy, buy and sell back, or just to hire as we go. Tres difficile!

Got to go now as Dear Jude has just returned with some baguettes, milk, tissues and toilet rolls. I just had a call from her from downstairs: "OK, let's go!". Impossible not to respond in a positive way to that call.

That's all for now. Bummer about the hold-ups for our friends the Cunninghams who are stuck in Melbourne because of the ash cloud. As Friend Ken says, however, lucky they are at home and not abandoned in some remote land like some poor peeps. Hurry along to us Ken and Nada!

YBPs Jude and Graeme

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  1. Hi Graeme Re;-up load photos

    Note the following.

    Post photos
    Sometimes you just want to share a photo. There's a button for uploading photos in the Blogger interface. Just click the photo button to upload a photo from your computer. If the photo you'd like to put on your blog is already on the web that's fine too. Just tell us where it is.

    You can also send camera phone photos straight to your blog while you're on-the-go with Blogger Mobile.

    You can also selected photos from our memory card by inserting into a card reader or from a camera connected by a USB cable and upload as described above.

    regards George S.