Sunday, April 04, 2010

One week to go!

Easter Sunday now.  This time next week - We're in the Dales and setting off on our walk.  The weather this coming week looks bleak in Leeds (closest city to our departure spot in Ilkley, bound for Windermere).  NOT TO BE DAUNTED, we are proceeding with a great deal of optimism, courage and a determination to buy some good, dependable umbrellas prior to our first trek-like steps.  Heaps to be done before we leave, so there is no time to be mucking about with blogs at this stage.  Stay tuned, however.

YBPs Graeme and Jude [From now on, the writer will state his/her (or her/his) name first in the closing signature.]


  1. this sounds SO GREAT! I had chops for tea tonight and there was not much on the telly, so I went to bed early. So did Maggie. Keep them blogs a-coming, Love Grandma!

  2. When the hell did u find time to write this ????We were taking up ALL YOUR TIME over Easter...which by the way was very much appreciated and thank you once again for being such great hosts at the "Waldara Resort"
    Now that i know how to log on I will keep checking to see what you're up to so keep those blogs coming!!!!