Sunday, June 13, 2010

"Our" Chateau

The chateau where we are staying this week is pretty impressive. It has pointy turrets and it sits on a rise looking over the extensive grounds. Our 'gite' sits somewhat distant from the chateau, which is most appropriate since the 'hoi poloi' should really be permitted to go about their recreational activities without their day being spoiled by the Common Travelling Rambler (ie us).

It is evident that Dutch Adrien and Dutch Joke have a lot of work in front of them to get the somewhat decaying buildings to a state of non-decayingness. Not that they are atually falling down mind, it's just that everywhere one looks there is a job that needs to be done. Soon. No doubt Adrien (aged middle-to-late 60s) has a list on his fridge prioritising the tasks needed to be done 'tomorrow'.

On one side of the grounds below the chateau is a tennis court (a few puddles, a few weeds), doesn't matter. On the other side of the grounds is a huge windmill. This structure is of quite some hisorical interest as it was built in the late 19th century, but looks quite modern. It is made of metal and has a twirly-curly spiral staircase wrapped around the tower that the blades stand on. The rotating vanes are encased in a circle of metal such that they turn inside this frame. This is what gives it the 21st century look. Two bus loads of historical enthusiasts have come to have a look at the chateau and its windmill since we have been here, so it must be well known in the Right Circles. Adrien says that we can visit the windmill, but that we have to wait till after 6:00 pm. Not sure why ...

Anyhow, our current accommodation is quite special. Grazyna can take the credit for this discovery and has been awarded 5 points (from Andy) as a result! Congratulations Grazyna!

We think that Liz and Tony will arrive from their wedding (not THEIR wedding, but A wedding) in Munich last Saturday, but we have not had any news of times. I am certain they will turn up. They always do.

Better get back to my AFL app now, the third quarter must have begun and the Mags will have jumped ahead - of that I am quietly confident.



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