Friday, June 18, 2010

Final Night in Esvres

Sorry, can't blog right now, I need to dress for dinner. Yes, we are dining at Chateau de la Villaine ...

... Back again! Great night, let me tell you. Not a Frenchman in sight! Not tgat it would have been less than great with a Frenchman for company, no way! It's just that, of the 10 persons seated around the table, not one was of French extraction. The hosts, as already mentioned, are Dutch and the other couple was from South Africa. The two who came along later were visiting from Scotland. They appeared to be Scottish. They spoke with a Scottish accent. Plus the six of us. What jocund company it was! Joke (remember the pronunciation) and Adrien ("Arrien") took turns to explain each course as well as the origin and style of the wine. All exquisite decor, food and beverage. Tony played piano to add a touch of class to the evening. All round, it was another fabulous night in the Loire. Our last for probably quite some time.

Today was spent mostly at the Abbey Fontevraud, having driven in convoy to Saumur in the morning in search of ribbon (brocade) and lunch. Richard Le Coeur de Leon (remember him?) is buried here, along with his mum, Eleanor of Aquitane. Richard's brother John rests (let's face it, he's not resting; he's dead) somewhere in Britain, he, his brother and his mum having had an almighty blue and a falling-out of gigantic proportions. Apparently, Eleanor had conspired with her sons against their father (her husband) Henry II of England, but had failed to overthrow him. Eleanor spent two weeks in prison for her trouble. Just before she died (well after Henry, her husband), she became a nun and in all probability went to heaven. I believe there is something in this story we can all take away with us. But I'm not really sure what. Henry II is buried here as well (he's dead too).

What a day! Tomorrow we head to Paris for a couple of nights via Chartres. It should be a giggle, especially with all of us (yes, all seven) crammed into a unit that accommodates six. Should be a hoot, nonetheless. I'll let you know.

Enough Rambling news for now. I'll keep you posted.


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