Thursday, May 20, 2010


Most of you are aware that I am not a Believer. It's wonderful poncing about on the planet, care-free and innocent. Taking life as it comes and not interfering too much in the lives of others. I respect the views of others, but cannot imagine that there is a super being who created me or who watches over me.

However, this belief system has been sorely tested in the time that I have spent on this trip. Here are a few indications that have given my 'epistemology' a good shake. First is the weather. It has been all that we could have wanted it to be WHEN WE WANTED IT TO BE. I'll give you an example. When we have driven into the mountains it has been bright and sunny and clear. When we have driven to villages and castles it has been gloomy and dull. It has worked out perfectly!

Much more than this, though, was the phone call I received from Stephanie. Now you need to understand that our children NEVER phone. Never. So when a call came to me while I was actually in the chapel of the Black Virgin in the village of Rocamador (in the Dordogne), from Stephanie, this shook the living daiylights out of me. A miracle! And then Ally and Georgia sent emails! One miracle after another. What am I to believe?!

So that's how you find me now. Staunch atheist, but mounting evidence of a superior being, watching over me and minding how I go. I'm still staunch, but only just ...

Your Favourite Rambler,

Guess Who!

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