Monday, May 17, 2010

The Cathars are no more!

Don't be too sad, but you really need to know that there are no Cathars left on the planet. Nope. They were all totally eliminated by that band of eager-beaver religious fanatics the Catholics. Complete and utter annilation! A greater example of successful genocide you will not find. Ever!

It seems that the Cathars, who inhabited this neck of the woods (and also in parts of what we now call 'Italy' had beliefs that differed somewhat from those of the Catholics. For example (excuse me while I reach for my book by Rene Weis called 'The Yellow Cross') in that they based their faith on the Gospel of St John. Just that and no more.

The most important sacrament was the 'consolamentum', appazzas (ie 'apparently'), a ritual that was applied for the inordination of 'Perfects' and for the consolation of the dying. This latter would have been a rather bleak time of one's life because after that moment there was no more food and water. Nope. Nothing more to eat or drink - CURTAINS!

I am not saying that these were wonderful people, or that their views on life were wholesome and pure. However, did they deserve obliteration at the hands of the Catholics (whom they despised) through the agency of the Inquisition? I DON'T THINK SO!

There is lots more to learn about the Cathars, but the last I teresting thing I'll tell you about them is that the only Crusade waged in Europe was mounted against these hapless believers and it was totally successful.

So there you go. Off you go to the library to dig out some more interesting facts about the Cathars. A Cherry Ripe for everyone who can post some interesting fact (or two) about them. [Do they still make Cherry Ripes?]

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  1. Hi YBPs Hooray! I made it through all your ramblings in 1 sitting! What a feat!!! How good a friend am I Grrrr!!Have thoroughly enjoyed your adventures and are now completely up to speed on what you have been doing. You can test me when I come over! Lots of cycling and walking tho. You must be very fit. Jude you doesn't get much a look in with the blog do you? will email you now that I have your address. Try not too have too much fun until I get there.
    Lots of love Susan PS Did the Allens end up coming over? I am worried about the volcanic ash again. Hope it clears by next week

  2. The things I do for a cherry ripe! It's quite pathetic.
    - first recorded use of the word Cathar was in 1181.
    - believed in reincarnation
    -became a definite threat to the Catholic church
    -believed man was an alien sojourner in an evil world
    -connected to the medieval sects of the Paulicians and the Bogomils
    -allowed women as priests
    -viewed catholics as a pompous and fraudulent organisation
    -were strict vegetarians
    When can I expect the cherry ripe?
    Cheers, Fran

  3. Well done Fran!!!!
    Yes GCR when does Fran get the cherry ripe????