Monday, April 26, 2010

Paris to Troyes and Beyond

It's always sad to take leave of Paris. But it has to be done. There are many more adventures awaiting us two Ramblers. Heaving bags down steps into the gloom of the Metro, up steps, up another flight of steps and then anothery and anothery. Down again, switch tickets from Metro to RER and finally get to Charles de Gaulle. Not to catch a plane this time, but to pick up our leased vehicle, the Renault Maugane Coupe. Not your ordinary vehicle, it would seem, as our chauffeur for the trip from the airport to the pick-up spot attested when his little head almost off his neck when we told him it was a COUPE we were picking up. Until then, he had been most abrupt and uncommunicative. It's amazing what impresses some people. [I would be very happy to bring my old VW back from the dead, but I know that is quite impossible.]

A few moments of flapping around looking for the petrol station that was 'just up the road' turned into more than a few panic-stricken minutes when it completely failed to materialise. The jolly old tradition in France appears to be to provide a car with about 40 metres of petrol (in this case diesel) and you must get yourself to the filler station before setting out on your journey (any journey more than 1.5 km, that is). Call to mind, you Rambler Followers, that this all needs to be accomplished through the looking-glass world of left-hand-driving. Let me tell you that it is all very scary. Nonetheless, suffice it to say, we made it: to the petrol station; to the chaussee (highway); to the nearly cute little village of Pauvins (for a baguette for a very late lunch, munched later on the way); and finally to Troyes.

... And here we are. Planning and packing for our cycle trip to Bar-sur-Aube. The hotel we are staying in has hire bikes and I am hoping (beyond all hope) that they are suitable for our needs. They look sturdy and they have good chain gears, so here's hoping. Don't expect an update for a few days as I doubt that there will be internet connectivity along this track. For those following on the map, our second night away will be spent in Bar-sur-Seine. Yup, the same Seine that chugs on to rush through Paris. It should be another one of those Graeme Blanch hoots. [By the way, I haven't heard about The Dash Man* for a while. Has he run his race as yet?]

*For those who are unaware, our horse - 'Dash on Over' - is owned by a bunch of Wangarattarians (and some others), who has shown a bit of form, but has been rested and is now ready to take on the world, race-wise.

Enough blogging for now. Another great night's sleep coming up ...

Your Favourite Ramblers (YFRs),

Graeme & Jude

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  1. Guys what fun!!
    Sorry i've been M.I.A on the phone.. bad timing. I have been getting your voice mail though. And if i dont have a number for you how can i skype you? ponder that BB (bad boy)