Saturday, June 26, 2010

No More Megan!

What a huge day we have had! Belting across France from Annecy to Paris took us across fairly uninteresting country, really. The odd chateau loomed in, and then out, of sight. Ancient farm house clusters at the bottom of gullies (not the top of hills, as in Sunny Oz). Past the walled royal forest at Fontainbleau and into the streets of Paris.

The TomTom took us right throug the centre. Down Avenue General le Clerc, then Avenue Denfert Rochereau, Boulevard St Michel, on to Rue Sebastopol, turn left and you're there (or thereabouts). Hotel d'Amiens is home for the Ramblers' final night in La Belle France!

Dropping the bags and the girls (Dear Jude and Ally), I continued the prior direction straight across town and on to Charles de Gaulle Aeroport. Let me tell you that I was rooly optimistic to think that I could get out there quickly. No way! Every Frenchman worth his salt was headed either home or off to the provinces for the weekend. Bumper to bumper on the motorway, with three or four metres' progress only with every forward movement. Inch by deadly inch the traffic snarled forward. Now I had no plane to catch. Time was not an issue. What WAS an issue was the gazole (diesel). Having been determined to return Megan with minimal levels of liquid energy (at least less than what was in her when we picked her up), I was not prepared for the 'running out of petrol' scenario. As we millimetred our way forward, I watched the needle head south. Wait a moment. Isn't that a petrol station approching at a VERY slow pace? YES! IGNORE IT, Megan! We can do this! And we did. At some random point in the freeway the pace lifted and we reached Terminal Three in good time. With just enough fuel to take the next person to about half way to the nearest fuel depot. We had done it, Megan and I! I said my farewells and headed for the Gare du Nord. What WILL Megan get up to next? We'll never know...

I'm writing this on the Eurostar as we hurtle towards London. I have to turn my iPhone to flight mode now in case it interferes with the navigation system.

Hoo rooster!


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